about us


We at madmap rocked out to change the way people interact with graphic design for their homes. We want to enable you to get your favorite graphic design just the way you like it.

With madmap you can tell your story and get the most personal item as eye catcher for your home. No other materials than thick high quality canvas and waxed vintage oak frames support this familiarity and warmth of your madmap.

Founded in the southern Swedish town of Lund in winter 2015, madmap has received a lot of love and attention. Now we are setting out to widen our portfolio of madmaps and introduce more and more scenic places, just so you can find the perfect madmap for yourself. Any tips?

Show your love, your story or simply a dream that you have.

Your madmap is entirely handmade in a beautiful environment in southern Sweden. Here we saw, glue, oil, hammer and braid all the different materials into one unique madmap. Every item is handmade and accompanied from the start to the finish.

We print on a high quality canvas material and put them into beautifully hand carved wooden vintage frames. The wood is from oak with a string to put up your madmap straight away. That is what we are really proud of: beautifully handmade high quality products about the place that you love and that is special to you.