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What is madmap?

Beautiful Canvas Prints of Your Home


With a madmap you have that one really cool item about the place you cherish. That's where madmap comes from. We figured that the most places on earth don't really have cool prints. Sure, there are a million beautiful Los Angeles or Sydney posters, but none of Malmö or Skåne. That needs to change! And we're doing it.


What is a madmap?


A madmap displays your city, region or country as the collective of communities that it really is. These suburbs, municipalities or regions alltogether show as typography, creating a beautiful chaos of letters, areas and colours. 

These designs we print on thick 180gr/m² canvas in a local printing plant in Lund, Skåne according to the highest environmental procedures Sweden as in place. The material is so thick and yet soft that it rolls straight as soon as you pull it out of the tube it is shipped in.
From here, you only need to clip on the handmade vintage frames that are also shipped in the same tube. They work with strong magnets and have a really nice bees wax smell from the polish they receive. However, the best is: you can reuse them on other projects in case you want to put your madmap into a glass frame or something.


Project History

2015 - We started out more or less by accident. Lucas had gotten home from an internship abroad that he undertook during his studies. When putting up all the little items he collected on his journey, he also wanted to have something outstanding from his own hometown which simply didn't exist. After a long day and night of trying around illustrating potential ideas of what was missing, the first madmap was born. It should still take a while though, before madmap became available to the public.

2016 - When more and more friends of friends wanted to buy their version of a madmap, Lucas applied at VentureLab Lund to get the chance of starting off an e-commerce business in a safe environment. Here we built an initial portfolio of a few Swedish cities and regions as well as a first version of our online shop. We went to a handful of design markets around the area here in Skåne and wanted to know what you out there think of our design idea. There, we were overwhelmed by the love we received.

2017 - In 2017 we put a lot of effort into building an innovative online shop that would allow you to change colours, add texts and really create your own unique madmap. Eventually we achieved to reach our development goal but were confronted with a whole new array of problems that came with it. "How to choose matching colours? Will it really look like I designed it online?", were only some of the obstacles that occurred in addition to extended delivery times. We decided to refocus on what is the best about madmap and what is the best for you. We created a new online shop that slims down choice and allows us to be fast and efficient, so we can make sure that you'll get your madmap in an instant. Yet it was an exciting journey so far that has led Lucas to use madmap as the project for his Masters thesis in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Lund University, School of Economics and Management.


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